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 Shopping Cart v5.7.0 updater is now available for PHP.
Posted By: Frank Puma On: Mon 02/02/2009 3:32 PM
Details This is a new Major Release which has the following features.

Better stock management control in admin orders.
When editing orders in the admin orders page you will now be warned of out of stock conditions before proceeding. Before it was assumed that the order could be fulfilled.

The ability to use the category name as a category identifier
This can be a big boost for search engine positioning. For instance...

Optional Split First and Last Name
Option to split order name entry into Firstname / Lastname (rather than just Fullname) in the cart checkout section.

Additional search parameters.
These are keywords that you can set that when searched for will display the product but will not be visible to the customer.

Capture HTTP Referer
The HTTP referrer will be visible in the admin orders page.

More Powerful Customer Login Admin
The customer login admin section will have ability to edit addresses, view orders etc.

More Powerful and Useable Alternate Product ID System
Complete revision of Alternate Product ID system (Alt Prod ID's) so that now they pull pricing, stock and alternate image information directly from the products database based on the alternate product id.

Previous and Next buttons on the admin orders page.
When viewing an order details a button is available to view the previous and next order in the database.

Affiliate Program Admin Rewrite
Complete rewrite of affiliate program admin to make it faster and give more control.

Amazon Simple Pay
Integration of the payment processor Amazon Simple Pay.

Rewrite of Extra Order and Checkout fields
Rewrite of Extra Order and Checkout fields to allow for validation of non-text controls, easier setup and ability to remember previous values for non-text controls.

Optionally Force Customers to Select Payment Method
nodefaultpayprovider switch to force customers to select from the list of payment methods rather than having the first one selected by default.
Better admin section HTML validation.

Optionally Copy Billing to Shipping Address Automatically
There will be a autobillingtoshipping=TRUE switch to automatically copy the billing address to the shipping address if a shipping address is not entered. This is useful for situations where a shipping address is always required.

Specify Category by name in CSV Uploads.
The category can now be specified by name as well as category ID in inventory uploads.

Email Friend Page Rewrite
The email friend page has been completely reworked so that it validates and the design fits in with the rest of the site.

Elect Which Order Status Receive Update Emails
You can now select which order status receive "Order Status Updated" emails.

Mailing List Can Use Customers Name
The name will also be captured now in the mailing list. When updating the updater script will attempt to retrieve the name associated with current mailing list entries from the orders database. The %name% replacement parameter will be available to use in your emails to insert the customer name.

Ability to Send Emails to Affiliates
The mailing list software will now also be able to send emails to your affiliate list making it easier to keep in touch with your affiliates.

Optionally Hide Shipping Address
There will be a hideshipaddress=TRUE switch to optionally hide the shipping portion of the address on checkout unless the customer clicks to say it is different from the billing address.

Admin Home Page Indicators
An indication will be given on the admin home page of new affiliate signups, mailing list signups, new product ratings, new gift certificate purchases and new customer login accounts.

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