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 Weight based shipping

Shipping is calculated by product weight according to the shipping zone to easily facilitate national and international shipping. If weight based shipping is selected, then the country zone can be set in the countries admin panel, and new zones can be edited by following the Edit Postal Zones link in the main admin panel.

The system works such that you can set a series of weight limits and shipping costs for packages up to those weight limits. The weight can be in pounds, kg, ounces, whatever. You give it meaning by what you enter as the product weight in the products admin page.

For instance, if you have entered a weight of 2.4 in the products page, and that to you means 2.4 kilos, then if your weight limit is up to 3 then that is up to 3 kilos also. With the price, that will be whatever the currency you use is. If it is 4.5 and you use dollars, then it is $4.50.

To help calculate the decimals of pounds / ounces just put the figure in the pounds column into the weight field of your product admin page - just the numbers, not the "lbs"

1 oz = 0.0625 lbs
2 oz = 0.125 lbs
3 oz = 0.1875 lbs
4 oz = 0.25 lbs
5 oz = 0.3125 lbs
6 oz = 0.375 lbs
7 oz = 0.4375 lbs
8 oz = 0.5 lbs
9 oz = 0.5625 lbs
10 oz = 0.625 lbs
11 oz = 0.6875 lbs
12 oz = 0.75 lbs
13 oz = 0.8125 lbs
14 oz = 0.875 lbs
15 oz = 0.9375 lbs
16 oz = 1.0 lbs
17 oz = 1.0625 lbs
etc. etc.

If this table is placed into excel it's fast to calculate the exact decimal for larger weights.

If your highest weight is 50 and the price for that is $5.00, and you set "For every 5 above the highest weight add an extra 0.5" then at a weight of 55, the price would be $5.50, at a weight of 60 the price would be $6.00 and so on.

Products that have a weight of zero are not considered for shipping. If weight is not important set all weights to zero and set a really high "max weight" limit.

Weight based shipping methods can be disabled at a given weight.
On the postal zones admin page, just enter an "x" at the point where a given shipping method ceases to be available. (minimum Version 4.9.0 required).

Weight based shipping can be set as a percentage. To do this just add a percentage sign after the value. eg 10% instead of 10 for the cost. (minimum Version 5.1.0 required).

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