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 Using Gift Certificates

Once the customer has filled in the form you
can see above they will go through checkout as normal. The store
owner will receive notification via email of the purchase as
well as the buyer and the recipient.

The recipient can then go on to the store and
use their gift certificate to purchase the product of their choice.
On checkout they will see a field to enter their unique code

If the value of the gift certificate is higher
than the item purchased then the remaining amount will be saved
for use at a later date. If the shopping cart total is higher
than the value of the gift certificate then they can continue
with the checkout and pay the difference through the store.

Gift Certificate admin

When you click on the Gift Certificate Management
link in the home page of your control panel, you should see
a screen similar to this

From this screen you can view all the active
and inactive gift certificates as well as generating new ones
if you need to.

Listing the results will show a screen like the
one below

This provides a summary of the gift certificates
that have been purchased on the store and their current status.
Clicking on the Modify button will give you the chance to see
the full details as well as the ability to make changes, view
the orders and issue a refund.

The admin orders page also contains a link to
the gift certificate purchase

The email that is sent to the buyer
and seller can be formatted in the Email Message Admin page of
the control panel.

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