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 Create A New E-mail Account ?
 Steps 1. Set the following in the "Add a New Email Account" section: * E-mail - Enter the name of the email account you want to create. This will be the username such as Select the domain you want to use for the email acc
 How do I modify the amount of disk space allocated to an email account?
 You can modify the amount of disk space allocated to any email address. The amount allocated is represented in megabytes. Steps 1. Find the email account you want to use to change the disk quota in the "Current Accounts" table. 2. Select the Ch
 How do I change a password associated with an email account?
 Steps 1. Find the email account you want to use to change the password in the "Current Accounts" table. 2. Select the Change Password option from the drop down menu in the "Functions" column. 3. Enter the new password in the "New Password" t
 How do I configure my desktop's mail client with an email account?
 A mail client is an application you use to check your email. The mail client can be either web based or a desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook or Express. Why configure my mail client? You can configure your mail client to receive emails from
 How do I check an email account using the web based email program?
 Web mail is a web based mail client you can use on any browser to access all your email. Email is typically checked using a desktop mail application such as Outlook Express. cPanel includes both Horde and Squirrelmail as available web based mail clients.
 How do I setup email verification before someone can send me email? (Uses BoxTrapper To Prevent Spam)
 BoxTrapper protects your Inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to a verification email before they can send mail to you. This is an effective way to make sure only people you "approve" can send you email. Spam will not be a
 How do I configure the system to catch spam emails? (Uses SpamAssassin)
 SpamAssassin and SpamBox allow you to identify spam mail and flag it or prevent it from entering your inbox. SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email's headers and body.
 How do I setup an email forwarder for an individual email account?
 Forwarders allow you to send a copy of all mail from one email address to another. For example, if you have two different email accounts and, you could forward to so you do not need to chec
 How do I setup an email forwarder for an entire domain?
 Forwarding a domain's email will override the default address for that domain. When the page loads you will see the "Email Domain Forwaders" table consisting of three columns (Note: The following information will only be available if you have created a
 How do I setup an auto-responder?
 Auto Responders allow you to send an automatic response to anyone who sends an email your email account. When an email is sent to your account, the response that you have created will be sent back to the person who send you the email. This feature will no
 How do I setup a "catch-all" email account?
 The default email address (catch-all) will "catch" any mail that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain. All mail that is sent to an address that does not exist will go to the default email address. This document shows you how to set the d
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